About Us

So who is Kyanite Coffee?

We are a coffee supply specialist in New Zealand, our aim is to deliver quality coffee products to all the coffee snobs and hipsters around the country.

Our mission is to help coffee addicts around the world with their caffeine addiction. We want to be a resource for coffee drinkers to find the best-tasting coffee, the best prices and the best places to buy coffee from.

We are part of Kyanite Group which consists of Embed Web Design and ourselves. We are designers, developers, office workers, photographers and videographers, so you could say we drink a fair bit of coffee and know what we are talking about.

The Coffee Shop NZ

The Coffee Shop was brought to life in early 2019. It was a project aimed at sharing discounted coffee products with the hipster coffee-drinking community of New Zealand.

During its time, we had many wonderful customers and sent out a selection of premium products.

The Coffee Shop is still running strong, we have combined our Design Businesses and eCommerce Businesses to bring you Kyanite Coffee.